mardi 24 novembre 2015

Dans un petit bateau !

Also, my movie Dans un petit bateau is finally online, but not for long ;)

And I finally updated my demoreel! The soundtrack is from my movie Dans un petit bateau, and it's from Frédéric Marchand, who is part of the band Orlando le trio

dimanche 22 novembre 2015

Love and eight - 48h film challenge

Here is a short film I did for the 48h Film challenge set up by CalArts, in partnership with students by Gobelins and The Animation Workshop. The theme was "Sports", and was originally scheduled from saturday 14th of november at midnight to sunday night.
As many people in France and elsewhere, we weren't in the mood and finished it on friday 20th. Anyway, I tried to play the game and did it in 48h

Find the rest of the collection here : , people are still uploading their work, there are almost 130 films /o/

And here are some screenshots

mercredi 18 novembre 2015

48h film challenge

I missed the original deadline for the 48h film challenge with Calarts, and currently try to attempt the new one on friday.
See on my tumblr

Afficher l'image d'origine

mardi 17 novembre 2015

Belles plantes

Here is a short comic I did a few days ago for the french comic festival in Angoulême. I'll took time to translate it in English this week-end!
It's called "Belles plantes", which is a way to say "Beautiful girls" comparing them to flowers.

Please click to have a better quality!

samedi 14 novembre 2015

Terrible night, hoping for good days to come

My friend Justine Vuylsteker decided to share the film she made about the sounds in Paris, illustrating the poem by Robert Desnos. Our producer Delphine Maury also thought it could be nice to let us share with you some hope and hapiness after this terrible night.
I encourage you to see it.

Enjoy those beautiful images

Paris, by Justine Vuylsteker


Pas encore endormi,
J'entends vos pas dans la rue, hommes qui vous levez tôt,
Je distingue vos pas de ceux de l'homme attardé, aussi sûrement que
l'aube du crépuscule.
Sans cesse il est des hommes éveillés dans la ville.
À toute heure du jour des hommes qui s'éveillent,
Et d'autres qui s'endorment.
Il est, pendant le jour, d'invisibles étoiles dans le ciel.
Les routes de la terre où nous ne passerons jamais.
Le jour va paraître.
J'entends vos pas dans l'aube,
Courageux travailleurs matinaux.

Le soleil se pressent déjà derrière la brume.
Le fleuve coule plus nonchalamment.
Le trottoir sonne sec sous le pas.
Le son des horloges est plus clair.
Vienne l'indécis mois de mars et les langueurs du printemps
Tu te lèves, tu t'éclaires, tu éclates,
Figure de pavé et de cambouis,
Ville, ville où je vis,

Robert Desnos, Les Portes battantes, dans Œuvres, édition établie et présentée par Marie-Claire Dumas, Quarto Gallimard, 1999, p. 815.

mardi 10 novembre 2015

Les trois becs

Last week I went to les Trois Becs close to Valence. It was difficult for me, but I am proud of myself, the view worths the pain. 1500m high, this is something

(and I drew this thanks to Google images, my bad)

lundi 2 novembre 2015


I am updating my portfolio and found those concepts for the very short film workshop I made two years ago. I think I never shared them, so here they are

English translation
One day, I woke up here.
I've told one thing: the exit is at the end of the way.
I've also been told that you would need a certain amount of time to find it, but that it was the only way to go back home.
I don't remember how long I've been here.
The exit is at the end of the way.
The exit is at the end of the way...